Video Production Companies Mobile AL

Video Production Companies Mobile AL

Video Production Companies Mobile AL

Without a doubt, nothing is more engaging to your online audience like a video. If pictures say a thousand words, a video speaks a million.  When your potential customer starts scrolling through their Facebook feed and sees a professionally shot video of your business or product, they are immediately engaged. Videos promote sharing that help you boost to more Facebook feeds, more views, and ultimately, more products sold.

With The Kalifeh Media Group, you have the unique opportunity of partnering with a company who has it all under one roof. For over 10 years we have delivered the highest quality of video production and motion graphics with the ability to produce and edit your projects in house. We realize that all businesses are unique and require a wide range of varying needs and expectations. That is why we take an out of the box perspective to every project in producing and directing your completely customizable vision.

Are you ready to engage with your customers on a deeper level? Your answer is video production. Whether it’s a video blog, sharing sales promotions, or producing high quality videos for your social media, KMG is the vehicle you need to drive you towards your goal.

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Video Production Companies Mobile AL

Video Production Companies Mobile AL


Written By: Amanda Sibert 

The Kalifeh Media Group 

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Mobile, AL 36606

Video Production Company

video production company mobile al

Video Production Company Mobile Al

Video Production Company Mobile Al

Why should your business include video as part of its content, email, social, and digital marketing campaigns? According to research from Google there are many reasons. Let’s dig right in!

Video Marketing should be an integral part of any Digital Marketer’s strategy. The reason being is because of the videos relevancy and to convey the exact message at the right time. Whilst images and text can help dramatically, it is through video that markets are able to capture the attention and emotion to properly convey their sought after message, boost interaction, action, engagement and usability.  

With that, we want everyone to understand the power of video. Check out some of these statistics:

  • Videos can provide a 73% increase in visitors’ understanding of the product.
  • When video is include in an email to a subscriber there is a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates.
  • When video is included in an email there is a 3-4 times increase in CTR.
  • Website visitors are 63% more likely to buy a product after watch your video.
  • 47% of users take immediate action after watching a video.
  • 80% of users remember a video after watching online.
  • users spend about 16 mins. 49 secs. Watching online video each month.
  • 5% of online users view at least one video per month.

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