5 Reasons you should be using Text Message Marketing (SMS)

5 Reasons you should be using Text Message Marketing (SMS)

By: Rhen Bartlett   01/21/2016
A few months back, I sat in a meeting with one of our clients and discussed options for taking their already lucrative advertising campaign to the next level. While we chatted, my phone sounded off with a text message from a local café offering me a free sandwich for lunch with a purchase of a large drink. And that is when it hit me that SMS marketing is the way of the future. In the months since, I have spent endless hours of research investigating the power of this amazing advertising medium. And as we always do at Kalifeh Media, I knew I had to share my findings with our online audience. So here is where we are:


Smartphone use is increasing month over month, and savvy business owners are adopting new technology in a swift fashion to increase competitive advantage. Text Message Marketing has actually been around for a while now. This platform has been tried, tested, and proven from brands large and small alike. One of the main worries businesses have when implementing this marketing is that they are afraid of bothering customers with ads and running off potential business because its “too pushy”. Let me tell you, this is not the case. When you send a promotional text to a customer, they have chosen to opt in, so you know they are interested. They are giving you permission to reach them with deals, sales, and exclusive merchandise only available to text members. Its exciting to get a deal!

Check out these 5 benefits of SMS Marketing:

1. Immediate – Texts are sent/received immediately with no delay in wait time. A marketer can also create and deploy a text message marketing campaign in a matter of minutes.
2. Open Rate – The open rate for SMS Marketing is an alarming 98%. Compared to other platforms that is amazingly good.
3. Mobile-friendly – Making your business mobile-friendly is no longer something to consider ‘later’. Mobile is here and it’s not going anywhere. SMS is compatible with pretty much every mobile phone so you won’t need to worry about alienating some users, or getting your customers on board with brand new technologies.
4. Customer reaction – Sending and receiving text messages is super easy and an everyday part of life for most people. Naturally this transitions in to an awesome opportunity to natively reach prospects.
5. Cost-effective – SMS marketing campaigns can be deployed on many different levels and pricing structures. Depending on your business or market there is a plan out there for you!
Whatever the product of service you are offering, it is important to ensure its visibility where ever your customers go, with the outstanding ratio of 4:1 device to computers, it is clear where your customers are. “Mobile” or “Text Message Marketing” is no longer something that can be ignored. Even if you do not have a great customer list, it is important to start now!


In conclusion, if boosting sales and directly interacting with customers is something you are looking to dive into in 2016 SMS marketing is something for your company to explore.
We encourage you so go out and explore how SMS Marketing can improve your digital strategy and improve your overall marketing campaigns in this new and exciting year that is upon us.
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