5 Actionable Tips for Small Business Marketing

5 Actionable Tips for Small Business Marketing

5 Next Level Actionable Tips for Small Businesses

By: Rhen Bartlett & Amanda Sibert

Use these TODAY to get your small business a better online presence TOMORROW 

Here at Kalifeh Media Group we work with small businesses all the way up to major corporations like Buick, LazBoy, and Alfa. When we first speak with a prospective client we like to spend some time together getting to hear what the business really needs. Sometimes a local café has a great social media presence but their website is dated and they are in need of a logo. Often times we find new clients who need everything from a new Facebook page to radio commercials, and beyond. But not everyone has the free finances to spend on an advertising agency so, for the small businesses out there, here are 5 keys to success we tell every one of our clients:

Small Business Marketing

  1.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are FREE and being used by MILLIONS every single day. Who doesn’t love free advertising? (Can I get an amen?!) The object of advertising is to be where your customer is and guess what? They are on social media! Post creative, thoughtful, and shareable content to your audience and they will reward you with sales and interest in your business. If you are a small barber shop inside of a strip mall, you can still PROJECT yourself as the highest quality shop in the area simply by what you post on Facebook. (Oh and did I mention it was free?) But let me tell you, it wont happen over night. It does take work. But by making a posting schedule and sticking to it, you will see your numbers rise inside your business and on the internet.

-PRO TIP: Make sure you take the time to properly optimize all of your social media profiles. This means spending time writing thorough about me descriptions full of keyword rich content that gives the full picture of what you are and what you do. Post a ton of photos. People like doing business with folks they like and relate to.

Small business marketing tips for all business owners

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  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GOOGLE+. This is where you will get some google search traffic if done correctly. Properly optimize your Google My Business listing. Check out this video here:

  1.  GET INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY! This little tip requires no screen time, but instead requires you to get out and shake some hands! The best way to network is to take part in a cause you love and care about. Volunteer at the local Child Advocacy Center, sell cookies along a Girl Scout Troop, or join a tutoring program for the underprivileged.  We live in a “givers gain” world. If you give of yourself for the right reasons with a helpful attitude, you will build credibility and trust among your peers and that will soon turn into an endless stream of referrals. Not to mention, you will be helping worthy causes! 
  1.  PUBLISH CONTENT WEEKLY. This tip requires an example. Say your sink is clogged and you are in need of a repair man. You pull out your phone and go immediately to google. You type in “sink repairman” and a long list of plumbers and handymen come up. Who would you choose? Some random guy who has a website from 1996, dated graphics that looked like they haven’t been touched in over a decade, and absolutely zero reviews or blog posts? Or would you choose the active business who recently wrote a blog on their website about the best ways to avoid a clog? With current contact information and up to date client reviews and photos from recent jobs worked? Of course you want to pick the most credible guy on Google that you wont have to worry might steal your TV when you aren’t looking.Mobile AL best advertising company small business

This is where YOU come in: MAKE YOURSELF THE AUTHORITY in your field. When you show you are the most credible business you become the leader and becoming the leader means $$$ in the bank. 

  1. ADAPT TO THE EARLY TECHNOLOGY. I know this might be scary for some of you reading this. You might not be tech savvy but it really is as simple as setting your mind to continuing your education in your field. Let me tell you what you need to do: keep your ears and eyes open. Read online blogs (like this one) that will help you forecast what the next coming trend will be in social media and advertising. That way, when it hits: you are ahead of the curve and ready to touch your customers.



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