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Website Design, Mobile Alabama

A good Website Design can put you on the map! In the "old days" a website was a luxury item for business owners. Only corporate companies like AT&T and Taco Bell had websites. Fast forward to present times and having a website is a necessity. Not only does having a well designed site establish credibility for your business, but also find-ability. Let The Kalifeh Media Group in Mobile, Al. design your website today!

Today, a website serves many functions, from providing information about a business, to enabling a users to research what products you offer, whats on the menu, and the best way to contact the company. There are many factors to take into account when planning the design of your new site. To start, it is insanely important to implement mobile responsive design into the scheme of things. Every day more and more people are visiting websites on mobile devices. Search engines show preference to mobile friendly websites as well. 

Next, your site should created with the user in mind. Meaning that once they have found you website they can easily access the information they are seeking and quickly. This ensures that they visit your site time and time again!

Another important factor in designing you new website is to be sure to build for SEO (search engine optimization). Search algorithms are rude! They want things done their way or the highway! Properly formatted site structure, heading tags, and properly optimizing images just breaks the ice when optimizing your website for search. 

In all there are many options when considering the building of your website. It is best to let the pro's handle it! When designing a website for our clients we take a 30,000 foot look from the outside to determine how each individual website should be created. We want your website to be as unique as you are! 

Call KMG for all of your Website Design needs! 

Web Design Services:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Costume Web Design
  • Service Websites
  • Corporate Web Design
  • SEO Friendly Web Design
  • Landing Pages
  • Commercial Websites
  • Government Web Design
  • Educational Blogs
  • Charitable Designs
  • Personal Blogging Platforms


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website design mobile al
website design mobile al

Website Design Mobile AL

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