5 Actionable Tips for Small Business Marketing

5 Next Level Actionable Tips for Small Businesses

By: Rhen Bartlett & Amanda Sibert

Use these TODAY to get your small business a better online presence TOMORROW 

Here at Kalifeh Media Group we work with small businesses all the way up to major corporations like Buick, LazBoy, and Alfa. When we first speak with a prospective client we like to spend some time together getting to hear what the business really needs. Sometimes a local café has a great social media presence but their website is dated and they are in need of a logo. Often times we find new clients who need everything from a new Facebook page to radio commercials, and beyond. But not everyone has the free finances to spend on an advertising agency so, for the small businesses out there, here are 5 keys to success we tell every one of our clients:
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5 Reasons you should be using Text Message Marketing (SMS)

By: Rhen Bartlett   01/21/2016
A few months back, I sat in a meeting with one of our clients and discussed options for taking their already lucrative advertising campaign to the next level. While we chatted, my phone sounded off with a text message from a local café offering me a free sandwich for lunch with a purchase of a large drink. And that is when it hit me that SMS marketing is the way of the future. In the months since, I have spent endless hours of research investigating the power of this amazing advertising medium. And as we always do at Kalifeh Media, I knew I had to share my findings with our online audience. So here is where we are:
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