5 Reasons you should be using Text Message Marketing (SMS)

By: Rhen Bartlett   01/21/2016
A few months back, I sat in a meeting with one of our clients and discussed options for taking their already lucrative advertising campaign to the next level. While we chatted, my phone sounded off with a text message from a local café offering me a free sandwich for lunch with a purchase of a large drink. And that is when it hit me that SMS marketing is the way of the future. In the months since, I have spent endless hours of research investigating the power of this amazing advertising medium. And as we always do at Kalifeh Media, I knew I had to share my findings with our online audience. So here is where we are:
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Veteran’s Day Parade

Veteran's Day Parade

Last Wednesday, I saw hundreds of Mobillians pour out of office buildings, restaurants, and day cares to line the downtown streets. Many of the midmorning crowds were standing in their proud colors of red, white, and blue. Others were carrying framed photos of decorated solders from generations before their time. I was there helping the Exchange Club of Mobile hand out small American flags along the parade route. Now, I have always loved parades, maybe its because I am from a small town and we simply can’t resist a good parade. But when I learned about this opportunity, I was thrilled to be apart.



I was given armfuls of small flags and along with a large group of volunteers, walked ahead of the parade and handed one to every man, woman, and child. Kids were dancing excitedly with them clutched tightly; Vietnam veterans were holding the flags proudly above their heads. I was honored to smile and say “Happy Veterans Day” as I handed a flag over to an appreciative hand. It was a day of patriotism I wont soon forget.

It was amazing to see our servicemen and women walking in full uniform, marching tall along the streets of Mobile. The local high school’s Army JROTC programs were represented and were an impressive sight to see saluting superior officers. One of my favorite groups are the Azalea Trail Maids who walked beautifully in their Antebellum period dresses. It was an inspiring morning to remember why America is the country I am thankful to be a citizen of.


Written by: Amanda Sibert