Meet our new Intern Kelly Dunn!!!!

By: Kelly Dunn

Hey Y’all! My name is Kelly, and I am so exited to be the newest intern at The Kalifeh Media Group! I am a native Mobilian and currently a Senior (gulp) at the University of South Alabama, Go Jags! I am majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Marketing. I’m a HUGE Advertising and Public Relations nerd. I could talk for days about strategic planning, innovative ad campaigns, social media, and branding. I also love painting, Alabama Football (Roll Tide #roadto17), and planning events for my sorority, where I serve on the Leaders Council as Social Chairman.

Working in Communications is a bit of a family tradition. My father was a Mass Communications major and worked in Media Planning and Sales with a local television affiliate. Growing up in the world of mass media, made the decision to go into Communications and easy one.

In one of my freshman level communications courses, I learned more about the role of a full service advertising and public relations agency. The idea of having a career that allowed me to actively engage in every aspect of the communications field fascinated me and I’ve been in love with the idea of working for a full service agency ever since.

Being at The Kalifeh Media Group is a dream come true. Working at a Creative Ad Agency has exceeded my expectations and I’m falling more in love with the industry every single day. Our President, Chris Kalifeh, is supportive, encouraging and an incredible role model. Rhen, Amanda and Chae have made me feel at home since day one. They have gone above and beyond and I feel like I am a member of the KMG team and not just an intern. I am so lucky to work with them, saying they’re awesome would be an understatement. They’re always down for coffee, which is a major key to success. Not to mention they are as equally obsessed with Snapchat as I am.

I’ve heard the saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” countless times. I now fully understand it (warning its about to get cheesy. That quote perfectly describes how I feel at KMG. I am so excited to be part of the KMG team and I can’t wait to learn and grow as I continue my internship!

Winning with Social Media in 2016

By: Rhen Bartlett

One of the most important aspects of winning in the social media game is curating your content to different platforms. Each respective platform has is own culture, formatting and feel. In order to be relevant on each platform and create engagement it is extremely important to adapt each piece of content.

In short, leverage the culture of each platform by using the following guidelines to reap the most for your efforts.

Facebook, you’ll need to craft creative content to accompany anything you’re posting. With no character limit, it is easy to get carried away and lose the user. It is of best practice to keep your writing interactive, upbeat, and quickly digestible.

  • No need to go overboard with #####’s. People are not really searching hash tags like Twitter. In addition, Facebook offers users a dynamic search feature that indexes content completely whether hash tagged or not. If it is in the post, using the search feature will return those results.
  • When linking content, always copy and paste the link, then remove it. FB has an auto-pop feature that will create a snippet of the linked content. This enables the admin to remove the aesthetically unpleasing link from the post.
  • Create a unique statement to accompany the link so that users are more likely to click on your content. click bait = 🙁
  • Always always always double check auto-populated text to make sure it has been displayed properly.
  • Double-check your image. In most cases we find the image does not adapt correctly, in which case you may upload your own image to ensure that the user gets the full picture. (pun intended)
  • When embedding videos upload directly to Facebook instead of posting YouTube link. Why? I am glad you asked…. Facebook developers realize that video is one of the most engaging forms of marketing on the plant. That being said, Youtube is the biggest video platform. Facebook wants to change that; so in order to entice users to upload natively to FB they offer native videos preferential treatment so to speak, showing them more often. Not to mention the auto play feature that is native to FB video uploads.
  • Be careful not to post to frequently to Facebook. Over posting can trigger algorithms that will penalize your posts’ reach.
  • USE the promoted post feature. Facebook’s Pages’ display algorithm is designed so your posts only reach a small number of engaged fans. (I know this sucks) To counter this, you can and should target your desired audience with promoted posts using the FB Ads Manager. DO NOT JUST BOOST the post. Sponsor it. This way you can choose whom your posts reach with far greater targeting power.
  • Last but not least GO LIVE…. I know it seems scary but be like Nike, just do it.


Many people in 2016 are starting to ignore twitter in their social campaigns. I personally feel this is a bad move. This is still a relevant platform. Just look at the number of daily active users and you should agree there are still many many eyeballs to be had.

With #Twitter, keep it short and sweet. Link out for the full story.

  • Make sure to include multimedia content in all your posts if you can. This helps to keep content more engaging.
  • Avoid using more that one hash tag in a post. Yes the hash tag is important here, however, your content must speak louder than your hash tags. Given the character limit, only use super relevant HT’s.
  • Be engaged in others tweets. The best way to be successful on Twitter is to engage regularly on others content. This should drive them back to you.


Here is the place for long form and authoritative content. Consisting of all business minded users, allocate extra time to producing informative and education content here.

  • Make sure to seek out relevant group discussion board and be active. Never ever spam these groups. Jump into the conversation and add value.
  • A great way to get your content found is to tweet @linkedInPulse to be featured in their news aggregator.
  • Be appealing to the professional.
  • Keep it classy. (You would think this is common knowledge but ha)
  • Cross promote your published work on LinkedIn on other platforms.

The Gram (Instagram)

We have heard that content producers shy away from Instagram because the admin cannot promote and link out to content. OMG, just hack the platform. With so many daily active users it is to big to ignore. Simply link out in the comments, add link in bio and mention that in the comments…. There are several ways to get that user to your “content” that you want consumed.

Yes insta is for sharing compelling visual content. However, proper cross promoting can drive traffic to your website, articles, videos on YouTube etc….

Part of getting users to engage with you on Insta is to create your visual content in the style of the network.

Not sure what your users like? Easy hack. Take your demo, follow accounts they follow, watch how that content is curated and then find your own groove that fits into that culture….

  • Follow relevant accounts and browse through your timeline to get a sense of Instagrams look and feel. Photos or ads from business are well received because done properly they have a native feel to them.
  • Post behind the scene stuff. Fans want to know the real you, the real side to your business. Give it to them. By doing this you will build loyalty and engagement.
  • Go overboard on Hash Tags.
  • Post call to action graphics driving back to website or promo.
  • Link out in bio.
  • Engage on others accounts. The more engaged you are, the more you will get engaged.

All in all the most important point I want everyone to get from this is social content is not a one size fits all deal. If you want to win the social game it is extremely important to customize content that speaks the language of the platform.

If you are using hootsuite to post the same content to all accounts, well simply put, that is rookie. Put in the work and watch your social garden bloom!

I would love to answer any questions you guys have on how to “win” in 2016 with social media.

snapchat: rhen1010

Instagram: @rhenbartlett

Twitter: @rhenbartlett