Intern-ish??? New interns first month looking back

Intern-ish??? New interns first month looking back

Being the Intern:

Hi, I’m Conleigh. I’m the new intern at The Kalifeh Media Group. After a month of being here, I’m starting to get the hang of things. If I had a dollar for every time I felt completely clueless, I’d be a millionaire. I think it is normal though, for any newcomer who isn’t specialized to feel confused about what’s going on within a company. It didn’t take me long to figure out our client list, and being in the office with such a close-knit team really helped me figure out what each client needed. That’s where the magic started. After the second week, I was able to be creative, and help with social media postings, ideas for new content, commercials, and even video production. It’s so cool to see the brainstorm come to paper, and the paper transfer into reality which, in turn, helps each of our clients to exceed their goals. Working for an advertising agency isn’t really what I thought it would be. It’s really not all about the sale here at Kalifeh Media Group. The team here truly makes it a mission to become an actual entity of each client. They work, night and day, to make sure each of the clients have been served to meet the institutional needs. They care, so much, about the people they work for, and THAT is what is so inspiring about this company. The motivation to serve others through creatively advertising a brand, product, or service is what makes the (much longer than college) hours worth it!

Top 10 favorite things about being an intern at KMG:

1. No one has ever asked me to do intern chores.
I contribute to the group, but no one asks me to be the slave. (Which is what I expected)

2. They’ve thrown me to the sharks just to see what I can do.
This was SO SCARY at first because I’m a mild perfectionist, and I just did everything with the thought that they were going to HATE it. This is so not true. They just wanted to see what I could do.

3. I’m allowed to be social and talk to clients
For some reason, I had it burned into my brain that I was going to be sitting in a closet all day until someone asked me to take out the trash or go run an errand. That’s SO not the case. I get to go EVERYWHERE, and talk to EVERYONE, and I’ve really been made part of Kalifeh Media Group in every way.

4. They feed me tacos.
Enough said.

5. They love me!
I mess up. I struggle (big-time) some days. They are the best, and most patient, and always constructively critique. Everyone here has greatly contributed to my growth as a person, and my knowledge about this industry!

6. They all love coffee!
I’m telling you the honest truth when I tell you there is no better company I could’ve interned for! Coffee. ALL. DAY.

7. They ask me, daily, if I’m getting what I want out of this.
The answer is yes. I’m learning about what goes into a proposal, media buying, video production, event planning, social media advertising, google analytics, web design, and content creation.

8. They, sometimes, overload me.
This is the best. I’m learning about myself and my ability to manage time effectively and get it all done! I’ve worked, but not jobs like this where i’m bouncing from Facebook to script writing. It’s the transitions that matter.

9. They Hustle.
These people hustle like no one I’ve seen before! They are all constantly going like the Energizer Bunny, and doing all kind of super fun and social stuff. They know everyone, and they never meet a stranger. They’ve shown me so much about the city of Mobile, and all the amazing opportunities here, outside of work, that really contribute to building business contacts.

10. They work for the greater purpose.
My last, but not least, favorite thing about KMG is that they do work for a greater purpose. They aren’t greedy. They give advice for free. They teach every piece of information because they want people to market for them. They have created a business community who respects them, and sees the hard work they are willing to do to please a client. They help, and it rewards them.

If I haven’t said it enough: I LOVE IT HERE!!

If you’re looking for an internship, and you have any question about my real experience here at KMG, email me!


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