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Influencer Marketing

Written By: Conleigh Gilmore, KMG Brand Ambassador

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective customer acquisition method, according to adweek.com, because people aren’t looking to companies to inform their purchasing decisions anymore. They look at each other.

What is influencer marketing?
GREAT QUESTION! Influencer marketing is the next big thing in advertising. An influencer is someone who has an active following and can move their followers to take action. Influencer marketing involves connecting with these thought leaders to build a mutually beneficial relationship.
Depending on your interests and hobbies, these people could be anywhere. YouTube tech reviewers, makeup tutorials, fit-stagramers (Instagram Fitness Personalities), or DJ Khaled on Snapchat.

How does this work, exactly?
On a large, millennial, scale, think Kylie Jenner. She recently released a video promoting her new lips gloss release. In this video, she was wearing a Louis Vuitton Shawl on her head. (BRAVE MOVE since LV has regularly sued celebs for the use of their brand.)

The week this video was released I checked to see if this shawl was available online (and how much it actually costs…) NOPE! TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT! Is the message that I received.

This is influencer marketing at its best, and an excellent product pick from Kylie, too, because of the price point (compared to a Louis Vuitton bag or the Rolls Royce she was driving.)

The following Monday, she “broke Google” with the release of her newest Kylie Lip Kits. It took less than two minutes for her website to crash because there were so many people on the website that Google Analytics couldn’t keep up.

Influencer Marketing. Targetable. Trackable. SEO building. Everyone is talking about it.

Are you in?
We are!

Disclaimer: I don’t Keep up with the Kardashians. I keep up with great marketing.

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Does My Business Need Instagram?


Does My Business Need Instagram?

I was sitting around the dinner table with my family last week when the subject of social media came up in conversation. My aunt told us about a video she saw on Facebook about two dogs who wore clown costumes and went trick or treating. My baby sister mentioned that this would be the year our parents finally let her get a Twitter account. And I being the lover of Instagram that I am, mentioned that my family should join the photo sharing platform. My uncle owns a furniture store and quickly told me that he had been considering using the app to show off his merchandise but he wasn’t so sure about the benefits. So when he asked me, “does my business need Instagram?” I thought I would share my input.

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