Why Use A Marketing Agency Mobile Al | #1 Creative Advertising Agency | Mobile, Alabama

Why Use A Marketing Agency Mobile Al | #1 Creative Advertising Agency | Mobile, Alabama

The Advantages of Using a Local Marketing Company

By: Amanda

Last week we had a new prospective client come by the office to discuss the possibility of using the Kalifeh Media Group as her agency of choice for her local boutique. She was stressed, overwhelmed, and disappointed with the feedback she was receiving from a larger agency she started out with in Atlanta. Their website was impressive; I couldn’t blame her for choosing them. But after a 10 minute conversation I quickly saw the source of her distress. She was just a “little fish” in their big pond. Her needs weren’t seen as important as some of the major corporations they represented. Which is what has lead me to write this blog post today to answer the important question: Why do I need a local marketing company?

Let’s start with the obvious reason: we are here! We know who you are marketing to because we ARE those people. We are the locals. When you tell us you want to sell a dress to the sorority gals at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, we get it! When you say you want to sell boats to 40-50 year old southerners, it’s a no brainer for us. We craft targeted advertising campaigns around you, your product, and your target demographic. Do you want to stop by the office and have a drink with our social media staff and chat about how to boost your Facebook numbers? We are in your city, come on by!

Now let us dig a little deeper. One of our long time clients is a charity organization who holds monthly social nights for their members. Something you cannot get from an agency in another state is having a social media specialist come to the event and capture high quality, personalized photos for all your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on the fly. We are in your neighborhood, ready to help you build your business and organization to the next level. Did you wake up in the middle of the night with a mind blowing video tutorial idea for your catering business? Yup, we do that too. We can discuss your thoughts face to face, forget the conference call.

When I started in the advertising field the quickest tip I learned was the power of a good referral. Word of mouth is the best advertising you can create. With a local advertising agency like Kalifeh Media, we LOVE to talk about our clients. Just last week I was at dinner with a friend when I overheard the man two tables down complaining about a leaky roof. I almost knocked over the chairs standing between us to give him our roofing client’s card. Why? Because we are your biggest ambassadors, we believe in our people! You simply cannot get that commitment from an agency who isn’t in your backyard.

When it comes down to it, its like the old real estate saying goes, “location, location, location.” Our full staff of production and social media specialist, media buyers and account executives are locals and we are here to help your business succeed.


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