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Why Use A Marketing Agency Mobile Al | #1 Creative Advertising Agency | Mobile, Alabama

The Advantages of Using a Local Marketing Company By: Amanda Last week we had a new prospective client come by the office to discuss the possibility of using the Kalifeh Media Group as her agency of choice for her local boutique. She was stressed, overwhelmed, and disap read more

Does My Business Need Instagram?


Does My Business Need Instagram?

I was sitting around the dinner table with my family last week when the subject of social media came up in conversation. My aunt told us about a video she saw on Facebook about two dogs who wore clown costumes and went trick or treating. My baby sister mentioned that this would be the year our parents finally let her get a Twitter account. And I being the lover of Instagram that I am, mentioned that my family should join the photo sharing platform. My uncle owns a furniture store and quickly told me that he had been considering using the app to show off his merchandise but he wasn’t so sure about the benefits. So when he asked me, “does my business need Instagram?” I thought I would share my input.

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